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Erhanesia Digima Mukitama

Est 2020

Our Story

We are known as a local digital marketing company. However, we see our company as a digital technology company that is passionate and full of energy to go through challenges each day and contribute to the welfare of the country in consumer good industry.


To become a digital technology company that transforms the consumer goods industry to be more efficient and impactful to the welfare of society, business partners, employees and shareholders.


Product Leadership

We strive to make the best products that solve consumer problems so that they become healthier and more prosperous

Consumer Intimacy

We are committed to making customers and consumers our focus and center of attention by providing the best service and satisfaction

Operational Excellence

We always work better every day, new achievements can only be obtained with a new mindset and new better way

On October 10, 2020 they launched Erhanesia Digima Mukitama or known as Erdigma with the mission of digitally equalizing health and welfare

When the world is experiencing limitations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, where public health is quite threatened and the atmosphere is uncomfortable. Our Founders, Fahmi M Hanif & Mukit Hendrayanto see the potential and challenges in the digital world. They think that the world of technology has a great opportunity to deliver consumer good products into the hands of consumers and feel the benefits.

Our First 1 Years

In the last 1 years, we have continued to promote equity in health and welfare through the consumer health products we market. Internally we grow 4 times year on year. We have 1+ million active customers with national coverage.

We strive to create a comprehensive ecosystem and become a mainstay of the community in carrying out their daily lives.

With our product leadership mission, we strive to make the best products that are solutions for consumers to be healthier, and we are committed to making customers and consumers the center of our attention to provide the best service by trying to work better for our new achievements in the future.

Our Products

Our product portfolio in Consumer Health offers consumer products with health benefits, including supplements and other preventive products, along with energy drinks and healthy ready-to-drink products. Erdigma’s over-thecounter portfolio category covers more than 6 therapeutical classes with strong brands, commanding a dominant market share, over recent decades.

Some other Erdigma’s top products are Vitummy, Vitasma, Dipslipy, Eyeboost, Waji, and Deepbeauty.

Madu Dipslipy

Made from black honey combined with herbal extracts such as chamomile, nutmeg shell, lemon balm, and green tea flavor. Madu Dipslipy helps you to have good sleep quality, relax your body, and make your night comfortable.

Madu Vitummy

Madu Vitummy is herbal honey that contains quality herbal extracts, such as temulawak, papaya, garlic, and black rhizome are processed naturally to treat intestinal worms, help increase appetite, and maintain the health of the body of children and adults.

Madu Vitasma

Let's enjoy unhindered breath with Madu Vitasma in carrying out our activities. Madu Vitasma made from natural honey contains Selaginella Doederleinii Hieron, Ginger rhizome, and Black cumin, which helps to relieve asthma symptoms and coughs.

Madu Eyeboost

Earth is such a God's painting which is full of beautiful things. Therefore, Madu Eyebost will accompany you to enjoy those sceneries with healthy, clear, sharp, and colorful vision. Madu Eyebost is efficacious for maintaining blood flow and pressure in the eye, preventing damage to eye function from free radicals. It can also protect your eyes from the dangers of exposure to UV rays so that your eyes are protected and free from eye health problems. Made from natural honey contains bilberry extract, marigold lutein extract, and blueberry flavor. It helps maintain blood flow and pressure in the eyes, preventing damage to eye function from free radicals. Eyebost protects your eyes from the dangers of exposure to UV rays so that your eyes are protected and free from eye health problems.

Minyak Waji

Minyak Waji is an extraordinary product that not only offers direct benefits to the body but also indulges your olfactory senses with its unique, soothing aroma, courtesy of the blend of Cinnamon and Gaharu Buaya Oil. Furthermore, with the inclusion of Nutmeg Oil, a highly beneficial herbal ingredient, Minyak Waji provides a natural solution to various health issues, including joint pain, insomnia, diarrhea, stomachaches, and high blood pressure, all while aiding in detoxifying the body. With Minyak Waji, you not only experience significant health advantages but also immerse yourself in a profound sense of relaxation, creating a truly holistic well-being experience.

Deep Beauty

Deep Beauty is an extraordinary moisturizer crafted with 100% pure squalane sourced from shark liver oil, offering a natural skincare solution to maintain optimal oil balance, ensuring skin remains healthy, hydrated, and visibly youthful. This remarkable product excels at deeply moisturizing and hydrating the skin, penetrating its deepest layers while providing anti-aging protection by combating skin damage and free radicals, thus promoting collagen production. It comprehensively repairs the skin barrier, fortifying it against free radical damage, and effectively calms inflammation, addressing issues from redness to acne. Additionally, Deep Beauty's non-comedogenic formula ensures it suits all skin types, including dry, sensitive, and easily irritated skin, providing a transformative skincare experience for a radiant, youthful complexion.